EU changes General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR)

In May 2023 the European Union published the new General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR). It’s objective is to supersede the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) by updating and modernising the safety guidelines for non-food consumer products.

The new regulation sought to address challenges such as new technology, the growth in online sale, the complexity of market surveillance rules being inefficient and not consistent. Poor product recall effectiveness and inconsistencies in areas such as food-imitating products as well as problems expected by increasing globalisation and digitisation.

The regulation came into force on the twentieth day after it’s publication on June 13th, 2023, although there is a transition period of 18 months meaning the regulation will begin fully from the 13th December 2024.

One of the outstanding aspects of the regulation is the clear definition of an “economic operator”, which includes manufacturers, authorised representatives, importers, distributors and fulfilment service providers. Companies that full into these categories within the EU must designate a responsible person in the EU before they can import products, and will mainly affect companies selling products online. Amazon themselves will be withdrawing their responsible person services from March 31st 2024.

If you do sell products online into the EU and are looking to appoint a Responsible Person then we are happy to help. Feel free to call us using the phone numbers in the page footer or use our enquiry form to get in contact.