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UK and UKCA Authorized Representative Services

Since the UK left the European Union in a process widely known as Brexit, companies wishing to import and sell goods into the United Kingdom now need to appoint an Authorised Representative for the UK as well as the EU.

Although the UK government has extended the period for which the EU’s CE Mark will be accepted on products, eventually all products entering the UK will require UKCA Certification.

Our role as a UK Representative is to review the certification of your products and verify that the products destined to enter the United Kingdom meet the requirements of the relevant UK Directives and/or Regulations allowing for a product to be issued with Declaration of Conformance and to be labeled with the UKCA mark.

Authorised Rep Compliance, as UK reps will provide your organisation with a comprehensive service including consultancy and advice services enabling your organisation’s products to meet the standards of UK Directives and Regulations so that your products can then be issued with an appropriate UK rep certificate and meet the UKCA rep labelling requirements.

Having your products approved to carry the UKCA Mark, means you can also place our UK address on your products, providing a central point of contact for customs and trading standards authorities to contact should there be any issues with your products.

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Markus Filip, CEO Flipfeld

We have been selling household products all over Europe for almost a decade now. With Brexit we needed a new reliable partner for updates about compliance changes and representation in the UK.
We are very satisfied with ARC. The Team is always friendly, customer and solution oriented, even with small issues. Most importantly they have very reasonable prices. So we were quickly able to refocus on doing business in the UK.

Viktor Kapustin,

I had an exceptional experience with Authorised Rep Compliance (ARC) while seeking assistance with registering in the UK and EU. Their team was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend ARC to anyone in need of reliable and professional help with regulatory matters. They truly exceeded my expectations!

Jeff Chambers, EcoPowershop

ARC have been very helpful in providing a timely, tailored and cost-effective service. By taking the time to understand our business and products, they have provided constructive guidance and assistance…

Jolie Zhou, American Crafts

ARC has been a wonderful resource to American Crafts. We’ve really valued their professionalism in helping us stay compliant with EU&UK regulations.

Ivan Michaels, Progressive Safety Footwear

ARC are very easy to work with, and make the process very smooth and straight forward.

Stephen Ferry, Johnson Tiles

We have appointed ARC Compliance as our EU Representative for 2 years and I can only recommend their service.

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With over 25 years experience working in the field of product compliance, why not let Authorised Rep Compliance become your trusted Authorized Representative in the United Kingdom. We provide an efficient and stress free Authorized Representative Service helping you to meet your UK obligations when exporting products to the United Kindgdom. Our consultants are waiting to hear from you provide you with all the advice you need for trading your products in the UK.

Put your products in a safe pair of hands

The UK has a population of almost 68 million people and following Brexit has it’s own trading laws.

ARC deal with companies of all sizes from all over the world, from the USA to Australia, China to Canada, and not only provide Authorised Representative, but also consultancy services on new UK Directives and UK trading Regulations helping them to meet UKCA Marking Regulations.

ARC can also provide the same service for your products in the EU and provide CE Marking help and advice.

Choose ARC and get ready to be impressed by our knowledge, our expertise and our professionalism.

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