Amazon’s Responsible Person Service
ends 31st March 2024

Following Amazon’s recent changes to their “Responsible Person” dashboard and the migration to Amazon’s “Manage Your Compliance” Dashboard, Amazon are now due to close Amazon’s Responsible Person Service on the 31st March 2024.

Essentially it means that you will need to appoint a third party EU Responsible Person or Responsible Person for CE-marked products in order to continue selling your products into the EU via the Amazon seller platform.

What is the role of a EU Responsible Person or Responsible Person for CE-marked products?

The role of a European Responsible Person is to act as the central contact point for any compliance documentation related to the products you sell into the European Union.

The documentation will show which EU Directives and EU Regulations your product complies with, which in turn allows you to use the CE Mark on the products and sell them into countries that are members of the EU (EC).

Why the Change?

It is believed the change is to relieve the obligations of Amazon on millions of products sold through their platform before enforcement of a new directive known as the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) due to come into force by December 2024.

The GPSD will require all products entering the EU to have a responsible person appointed to it. This goes beyond the current requirements where only goods that carry the CE Mark must have a responsible person assigned.

What vendors should do

Sellers are advised to check their inventory to establish which products are CE Marked and may be affected by this change.

To avoid disruption in the ability to sell into Europe sellers who do not have an EU Responsible Person should seek out and appoint an EU Responsible Person without delay even for products that don’t need to meet the requirements of CE Marking.

If you are looking for a smooth transition from Amazon’s Responsible Person Service then we can help you make a quick and smooth transition to ensure you can continue to sell your products through the Amazon seller platform.

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